Humidity and thermal bridges

Humidity problems can come to expression in different ways: surface condensation, occurrence of mildew, Oberflächenkondensation, Auftreten von Schimmelpilzen, lacking confort despite en elevated internal temperature..

An adapted internal air humidity improves both the confort and the air quality of the interior.

Thermal bridge simulation
Thermal bridge simulation
The temperature of the solid building envelope must be higher than the dew point temperature to minimize the risk of condensation.

Thereto a good enough insulation of the faces with external contact is required, to:

  • avoid thermal bridges,
  • regulate the internal air humidity and temperature.

The SIA standard 180 "heat and humidity protection in building construction" specifies the conditions to respect in the rankge of air humidity.

PPLUS offers the following services:

  • studies to avoid construction fails (thermal bridges),
  • thermographic measurements,
  • humidity and temperature measurements,
  • modelization and evaluation of thermal bridges

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